Agricultural Forecasting and Analytics

Agricultural companies looking to support producers, whether they be processors, input suppliers, or advisory services seek “little piece of magic” that will assist them to turn farm, environment, or market data into a predictive forecast or actionable insights.

For many, that magic is a smart biological model implemented by Rezare Systems.


What happens to a herd of animals if the feeding regime changes?
What can a farm do about extremes of temperature?
What factors are limiting grass growth on my farm?
What activities on my farm cause loss of nutrients into waterways?

The answers are different for different farms and situations, but sensible mathematical models, combined with relevant data and clear visualisations, can support farmers and their advisors in making good decisions.

Rezare Systems develops and maintains the software that underpins Farmax, a farm and feed planning business. Farmax software is used by top farmers and their consultants to better fit the demand profile of livestock to the pasture growth on their properties. It allows farmers to maximise their profit and proactively manage risk. Learn more about Farmax here.

Developers in the Rezare team worked with AgResearch scientists and industry specialists to come up with the first tools that eventually became Overseer, a nutrient budgeting and greenhouse gas tool. Overseer is now used across the New Zealand agricultural sector, primarily by fertiliser companies, independent consultants, and policymakers. Farmers use the results of the Overseer model to identify ways to save money on inputs and protect the environment. The models behind Overseer are now maintained by AgResearch, and Rezare Systems contracts to turn those into software tools.

Pasture Growth Forecaster provides current, 15-day future, and historic predictions of pasture growth rates in New Zealand using soil data from Landcare Research and climate data from NIWA. Farmers can review district forecasts or get a custom forecast for their farm. Custom forecasts can be automatically tuned if farmers are capturing their own pasture growth rate data. Significantly, Pasture Growth Forecaster is provided as a wholesale “API-based” tool, which means that any business can access the model and build it into their own service.

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