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David Campbell

/ Beef + Lamb Genetics

“Rezare are an incredibly ethical organisation to deal with and Rezare have a great track record with us.”

Beef + Lamb New Zealand Genetics has forged a strategic relationship with Rezare over recent years as the genetics group seeks to maintain, develop and innovate its genetic databases.
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James Allen

/ AgFirst

“I think Andrew Cooke and his team at Rezare are really the unsung champions for what is going on in the agri-tech sector, they are behind a lot of the successful systems out there today.”

We applied our agricultural domain expertise to rapidly create a nitrogen audit tool for AgFirst.
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Whether you’re a project manager tasked with implementing a new product or service for your agribusiness, or a start-up founder with an exciting concept, you will probably be asking the same question:

How can I build my new agricultural technology AND
deliver what my customers really need AND
do it in a reasonable timeframe and budget?

You’re looking for

People who understand your market and what you are trying to achieve, so you don’t spend half your time teaching them the basics.

An approach that lets you prototype and test with customers, building on what works and discarding what does not.

A reliable process that puts you in control, and avoids you spending weeks drafting lists of requirements that will all change when the first customer starts using your solution.

We help our customers create new software-powered products and services that handle the realities of farming, and deliver value for end users.


Our team of 26 business analysts, user experience designers, and software developers, has particular expertise in responsive web applications and in mobile apps for Android and iOS. We combine that expertise with our track record in managing large databases and mathematical modelling and algorithms, using it to create smart products and services for our customers.

Discovery and Design

Our design-led, agile process puts you at the centre. Our goal is to have our team, and your team work together as one. That requires commitment from both parties to achieve the best results.

One of our senior consultants works with you closely to Define the engagement, recommending the blend of discovery and prototyping activities and back-end software development tasks to meet your goals.

In our Discovery iterations we use Design Thinking techniques as we seek to observe your end users’ goals, constraints, and environment, in order to really understand the problem that we’re trying to solve. We then jointly create distinctive and simple designs to meet these needs, and rapidly prototype and test these designs with end users.

Time spent in Discovery activities is almost always time saved by not building the wrong thing.

Development and Delivery

Our goal is to make the development process transparent and directed with your input. We do this by working in short iterations (typically two weeks) where we agree with you the items to be included in the next iteration.

In this approach, the collaboration continues as we draw on your input to define the details of how the software should work. Our team uses use daily meetings to be highly transparent about progress, and at the end of each iteration you’ll review the results and collaboratively prioritise the next most valuable things to work on.

Our goal is to Deliver software into a production ready environment frequently, so you can take it out and test it with your team, potential customers and users, maybe even do an early release or beta testing. We use automated tools to streamline software deployment, making it repeatable and maintainable.

Sounds like what you’re looking for? Need a bit more detail?

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