Animal Data Interchange Standards

Our work on animal data interchange standards is part of the wider Dairy Industry Network Data Standards project.

Standardising on a data dictionary and terminology, data descriptions and common messages for representing livestock data should “grease the wheels of commerce”, helping the industry by:

  • encouraging new innovation;
  • reducing the costs of compliance;
  • encouraging “on-demand” sharing of data rather than the development of more centralised databases.

Our work in this area started with a workshop in Hamilton, New Zealand on 22nd January 2013. The workshop was well attended by workshop participants from around New Zealand. You can download the workshop report (2MB PDF).

The next stage in this project is the formation of one or two working groups to start initial drafts of data dictionaries and other supporting materials in these topic areas:

Please join our working group on Linked In – NZ Farm Data Standards (note that this replaces the W3C Community Standards web site which didn’t get much traction).

Our guiding principles are to utilise existing standards and work, respect commercial investment, and learn from national and international standards processes and experience. If you would like to contribute, or to direct us to appropriate existing work, please correspond with Andrew Cooke (email format: