Rezare helps match smart software to market needs

Auckland company BuzzTech has developed a smart software system that helps beekeepers keep track of their hives, their bees’ productivity and their staff’s performance in a sector where all three can be spread over vast distances.

BuzzTech director Julian McCurdy developed his first version of the software, his first efforts at programme development, and he knew he needed to refine it to get pickup from the industry.

He presented his Ver 1.0 of the software to Rezare’s team of developers, calling on their skills to upgrade and improve what he had established to make it more accessible and user friendly as a web based application.

The work with Rezare helped identify some core issues to change in the Ver 2.0. Aspects of functionality and set up and app structure were all refined.

“It was a great help, given my first version was essentially all my own work and a learning experience in itself.”

He found the initial “discovery” stage of contact with the Rezare development team a constructive and well run exercise that helped unravel the complexities and challenges the software re-development would encounter.

“We white boarded all our ideas on how to re-work what I had already done.”

He was also impressed with the ability of key Rezare staff to run these meetings smoothly and extract the maximum information about processes and application requirements from them.

This experience was enhanced by the Rezare team having built a strong understanding of the industry’s needs, by talking independently to beekeepers and industry operators.
He found the entire process moved along quickly and efficiently, and overall took about 8 months to get the refined version out there to clients to trial.

Having the application refined and ready to commercialise so quickly means Julian is now actively building his client base, with the application’s simplicity a key point.

“The work with Rezare has certainly helped that happen in a suitably smooth manner. Our challenge is to now get the software out there to the many potential clients we see in the sector.”