Land Data Interchange Standards

As part of the wider Dairy Industry Network Data Standards project, we are considering standards for the interchange of land data in farming. This is intended to build on rather than reproduce work that has already been done by the Open Geospatial Consortium and others in spatial data interchange generally.

Examples of areas where agricultural data exchange could be valuable include:

  • Transmitting data about spreading and spraying of products, including meta-data about the application and information about the products and rates used;
  • Exchanging information about planned activities on farm;
  • Capturing and transmitting information about manual observations and those recorded with measuring devices in an ad-hoc fashion (as opposed to sensors which may already be catered for with time-series sensor information); and
  • Standardising the definition of things like blocks, crops, and stocking rates that are used in a range of biological and logistical modelling tools.

A group of interested people and organisations met to discuss this area during the 2013 Fertiliser and Lime Research Centre workshops at Massey University in February 2013. We have prepared a report on this meeting, which you can download here (800kb). A second workshop was held on 28th August 2013, focusing on items such as irrigation, effluent, feeds, crops and grazing. You can down load this report here (1.5Mb).

A discussion forum has been set up on LinkedIn – you will need to be a LinkedIn member to register.

If you would like to know more, please contact Kim Saunders or Andrew Cooke (mail format: