Mobile Devices and In-Field Data Capture

At Rezare Systems we are passionate about making software that is both useful and usable for the primary sector. In our work over the last 20 years, we have identified a number of common issues that cause well-intended software systems to fail in achieving their objectives. A classic barrier has been the need to capture data manually in the field, and then transcribe it into the computer – usually at night when a farmer or agribusiness representative has completed their outdoor work for the day.

We seized upon mobile data collection tools as a way of bridging this gap – first with Windows-based software that could be used on a laptop and synchronised, and then with mobile devices such as tablets and smart phones. Our earlier device software used Windows Mobile, but we have since moved to software that runs on ubiquitous Android smart phones and tablets. Eventually, we hope that the iOS operating system which drives iPhone and iPad devices will also support the connectivity and background processing necessary to work with other hardware in the field.

Our mobile projects have included software to record livestock movements onto and off vehicles, and software that interfaces to weigh scales and EID readers and controls drafting of livestock. We have also developed tools that let farmers capture paddock treatments, grazing, and pasture covers in the field, using GPS location information to identify the correct paddock.